about the experiment

One of the biggest disturbances on the internet is lag. It is often associated with a slow internet connection, usually resulting in delays, buffering, pixels and frozen screens. Unfortunately, many have accepted lag as a part of their everyday lives, mainly because they don’t know that there actually is another option. For example, 1000 Mbit/s lag-free broadband via fiber from ume.net.

To demonstrate this, we performed an experiment. During two days, we let four volunteers live with lag, in real life.

To create the lag we used the following equipment:

Oculus Rift development kit - virtual reality display with built-in displays in front of each eye
Raspberry Pi - single-board computer programmed to adjust delay, resolution and buffering
Noise cancelling headphones

about ume.net

The network provider ume.net is a part of the energy company Umeå Energi, and offers one of the world’s fastest broadband connections via fiber with superior capacity for data and telecommunications - 1000 Mbit/s.

By providing consumers and businesses in Umeå with infrastructure and connection speed, we offer a greater freedom of choice. ume.net allows you to create your own solution where you can choose the services you need, from the service providers you wish for.

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